It’s Official, I Like Me

Circumstances over the past few days have dictated that I go through a lot of old blog posts.  Looking through my old posts I would laugh or feel the emotion that I felt when I wrote them.  I realize that I like my sense of humor.  I make me laugh.  I am not sure I have a writing style, but if I do, I like it. 

Going through the comments, I have seen that sometimes my attempt at humor misses with others, but there are a lot of people out there that completely get me.  It is strange to see the people in the blogosphere that have come and gone and others that were in it for the long haul.  I have come and gone myself. 

I don’t think I have ever really considered myself a good writer.  Looking back, I am amazed by the grammatical errors that got through, but I am also impressed by some of the things that I have written.  There is a lot of fluff or silly things that I have written, but every once in a while I write something that surprises me.

So, this is a love note to me.  Keep writing me. 


5 Responses to “It’s Official, I Like Me”

  1. I’m not crazy about my own writing style, but I think blogging inevitably brings that out. I have authors in my neighborhood, quite intimidating to compare!

    I love odd humor… favorite is the kind that gets missed 90 percent of the time. I guess that would be called subtle….LOL!

    • Emmi-That is why I like blogging; there is no pressure other than what you put on yourself. I may find myself funny and like some of the stuff, but others seem to like my writing more than I do. I can never believe someon that says I am a good writer.

  2. I feel this way about some of my own old entries, too. Keep up the great writing, Budd!

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