Clash of the Titans

I watched the original Clash of the Titans with the family this week.  It was the first time Jung had ever seen it.  Which is strange.  The girls enjoy it quite a bit and really like Medusa.  Ashli, of course, has been exposed to the Gorgons in the Doctor Who spin-off Sarah Jane

Ally said that they got Medusa wrong because she didn’t have legs.  Jung said it was a fun kids movie that teaches a lot about mythology.  I would agree, but like Ally they kind of mixed everything up. It was still a lot of fun though and one of the greatest movies from my childhood.  Now to watch the remake. 


2 Responses to “Clash of the Titans”

  1. While it’s not exactly “good”, it sure is fun. Though for a hero, Perseus does seem to screw up a lot!

  2. Thanks for the review – I would like to see more films that do justice to mythology. I enjoyed reading the myths in college.

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