Purgatory Chasm

This weekend we had a great time hiking in Purgatory Chasm.  The chasm has some great rock formations and I did a whole lot of climbing around on rocks.  They have an attached kids park that was a lot of fun because it had a merry-go-round.  Yeah, like when I was a kid.  This one was made with cables so was kind of safe, but oh well.  The kids didn’t know how to use it.  They thought the parents were supposed to push.  We did for a while but that is hard running.  they eventually go the hang of pushing themselves.  DSCF2389

Ally had absolutely no fear in the chasm.  Either that or she completely trusted me to not let her fall.  Probably a mix of both.  Ashli couldn’t hang with me when it came to bounding from rock to rock.  They both had me in the fat man squeeze, as I, a fat man, got squeezed.  The trail was marked well by spray paint on the rocks.  Effective but ugly.  There was a trail map available online and at the location.  So far, my favorite MA park. 




2 Responses to “Purgatory Chasm”

  1. How funny, I was just talking to a coworker about this place. Never been, but it has one heck of a reputation as a cool place to visit. Just the name sounds spooky – love the rock formations too.

    Nice to see your daughters get to be nature girls so often!

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