Top 10 TV Shows 9 year old edition

Top 10 TV Shows I had fun putting together a list of the best 10 scifi shows over on SciFi Media for Blogfest.

I have decided to do a second entry here.  For this entry I will ask my oldest what her thoughts on the matter are.  in no particular order:

Fairly Odd Parents because it is really funny and his parents are done.

iCarly because it is funny

Martha Speaks because it is also funny.

The Middle and Modern Family because they also are funny. 

Farscape (wouldn’t you know) because it is funny.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it is action packed (I think Buffy is pretty funny). 

Mew Mew Power because she just liked it.

Doctor Who because it is fun.

Chuck because it is also fun.

Victorious because it is (getting annoyed with me) FUNNY!.

She also gave me the bonus of Big Time Rush

Most of the shows that she named without prompting she has seen within the last month and most within the last 24 hrs.  Her first two selections where Fairly Odd Parents which she was watching during the interview and Farscape which we watched last night.  So th 9 year old mind is pretty much only able to think in the now.  She is also not able to articulate why she really likes the shows, she knows she likes them and funny is part of it, but it isn’t the whole thing. 

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3 Responses to “Top 10 TV Shows 9 year old edition”

  1. I have never seen these shows but I am 5 x 9 plus. I did tape 15 episodes of the Three Stooges to wach when I need an old fashioned laugh.

  2. 9 years old was my favorite age. I was sharp and had decided on a career. I like her thinking. Bravo, I agree with the list completely.

  3. @DB- I liked the three stooges growing up. This list almost reads like the Nickelodeon afternoon lineup.

    @Emmi- Thanks!

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