Some updates about stuff

Took the kids to see Legend of the Guardians and then interviewed Ashli about it. 

went to the arlington martial arts meetup in Boston.  it cost $5 but was worth every penny. 

I have watched tv so you don’t have to. 


One Response to “Some updates about stuff”

  1. What exactly is a martial arts meetup? We were given some informal self-defense training for my ranger job but I would like to learn martial arts, especially the obscure ones. I think they’re great and give you confidence, discipline and certainly something an attacker would not expect.

    SGU and No Ordinary Family sound worth checking out, thanks for the review. We are pretty boring, we watch cooking shows and I adore Project Runway because I’m facinated about how clothes are made. We are mostly movie watchers (it’s been horror lately, don’t ask why – like the Six film), we like obscure British comedy, Bones and the Discovery series called Life.

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