Fancy Nancy

Cover of Fancy Nancy

My youngest isn’t a bookworm like my oldest.  She reads but we struggle to find things that hold her interest.  A couple of years ago, I heard an interview on NPR about the Fancy Nancy books.  I thought that these sounded right up my youngest child’s isle.  On Tuesday evening, we go every Tuesday, we went to the library and I grabbed a couple of the books. 

Cover of She didn’t want to read them.  She said they looked stupid and that the words were too easy and that she new what the big words meant.  I forced her to read it out loud to me and she finally did.  She started off reading it very sarcastically.  She finally cooled down and read it right.  We went over the list of words at the end and she stated that she knew them all except for merci.  We practiced that one and it was fun. 

I sent her to put the book away and she comes back with the second Fancy Nancy book.  She then says, I want to read this one to see if I hate it too.  Score one for Dad.  Actually I am pretty good at reading my kids and I don’t think I have suggested something that they ended up not liking yet.  I love that she wouldn’t admit that I was right.  She is just like her mom. 


2 Responses to “Fancy Nancy”

  1. Just so long as she doesn’t develop Nancy’s fine fashion sense. Kids are funny. They want to make their own choices but with ehlp.

  2. Hooray for “Recommendations by Dad”! I might have to check some of these out for my girls…

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