Politics is about Hate!

I hate the internet right now.  Everyone is a political commentator.  Apparently that involves vitriol.  Pure poison spewing hate.  It is no longer possible in this age to have a civil discussion about politics.  People believe that their views are the correct and most logical views and feel a need to insult the other view.  This is generally done from a place of ignorance. 

There are blogs and FB friends that I can hardly stomach anymore because of the hate the spews forth from their blogs and status updates.  These people should realize that when most of what you read from them is poison, it actually poison’s the way you see them. 

I am not overly political.  I have my views but I hope that I respect the views of others.  I hope that none of my post come across as hate filled tirades.  Sure I go for a humorous low blow from time to time, but I would like to thank I am even handed there. 

Please internet, stop being a breading ground of hate and division. 


3 Responses to “Politics is about Hate!”

  1. The anonymity allows people to (almost always under a pseudonym) to spew whatever they want. I bet 99% of the haters wouldn’t have the balls to say to someone’s face what they write on the internet.

  2. I hope that.after reading the hate these two Mormons snuck onto my door in the.early morning hours you wont judge these two Mormon missionaries too.harshly. Anyone can be misinformed and perpetuate a mistaken notion.when it supports their religious beliefs I suppose and anyone can.honestly believe that the truth about their mistaken religious beliefs.are mocking hatred or bigotry…Resentment at learning the truth about a deeply-held belief often will.manifest itself in claims of hatred and bigotry.

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