I lift things up and put them down!

Planet Fitness apparently thinks it is okay to discriminate against Austrians.  The sales guy’s attitude does a complete 180 when he hears the accent.  Until he finally leads the poor guy outside and locks him out.  The commercial ends with the words, not his planet… yours.  Is this aimed at all foreigners or just Austrians.  The ending is really scary as it says that this guy doesn’t even deserve a place on our planet.  Is planet fitness suggesting genocide.  Maybe it starts with the Austrians but where does it stop.  You shouldn’t have to hid your nationality in order to work out. 

Join me in boycotting this company for their discriminatory actions.  Austrians have just as much right to this planet as the rest of us.  Sure they are a private company and can deny service to anyone they want legally, but we don’t have to stand back and support this rhetoric with our gym memberships. 

Austria, We support your people!


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