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A Grocery Tragedy

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on November 30, 2006 by Budd Black

This will be a play in two acts.  The first act is a tragedy.  The second will be a comedy.

Act I

When I moved to my town they had a brand new grocery store that opened about the same time that we moved in.  It was called Bi-Lo.  This place was great.  The prices were good.  They carried regional products.  Even their store brand was quality.  The store was located in a great spot with easy access in and out.  We shopped for groceries there primarily and only ventured away for advertised sales that we couldn't resist. 

About six months ago, they announced that the chain had been bought out by Southern Family Market.  The store closed for one day, the sign changed, and everyone flocked to see what was going to change.  Everyone had optimistic assumptions about the change.  When I went in I noticed that they had taken down the train that went around the store on a track suspended from the ceiling.  Next, I noticed that the prices were higher.  Not only were the regular prices higher, but the sales were not as good.  Upon later visits and the initial Bi-Lo inventory went out and was replaced, the quality of the products carried decreased.  We started shopping more at food lion and Wal-mart.

Act II

I had to pick some things up for dinner on the way home on Tuesday night.  The convenience of shopping at the Southern Family Market has not diminished, so I stopped in to pick up some ground beef, cold medicine, and bread.  A sign on the door said that the store was closing.  They did not have any bread, ground beef, or children's cold medicine.  The prices were actually higher on most things than they were originally. 

My community voted with their dollars and got Southern Family Markets booted out.  It is bittersweet because there are no Bi-Lo stores anymore and no chance that it will come back.  I do hope that someone moves into the location that I can enjoy shopping with.  It is funny that a buy out can take an economically viable store and bring it to ruins.

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